Cursos de Akka - from Beginner to Intermediate

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Código do Curso



21 horas (usualmente 3 dias incluindo pausas)


There are no specific requirements needed to attend this course.

Visão geral

This training outline is intended to bring attendees from a beginner to an intermediate/advanced level in the understanding and knowledge of the Akka framework.

The entire course is hands on, mostly driven by the trainer in the beginning and progressively shifting towards the attendees producing code themselves (and downloading implementations/solutions written by the trainer).

Attendees are not expected to have prior knowledge of Scala, the trainer will take the necessary time to explain and clarify all the intricacies that relate to the Scala code used.

Programa do Curso

Introduction,  environment Setup and a first application

  • The Akka framework
    • The Actor model (definition & origins)
    • Fault tolerance
    • Location transparency
    • Scaling
    • Actors In Akka
  • Setting up a Scala/Maven environment
  • A first application in Akka
    • Create the project
    • Defining message Classes
    • Defining actor Classes
    • Defining the execution Class
  • Architecture & configuration files

Actors & Typed Actors

  • Anatomy of an Actor
  • Creating Actors (default constructors, custom constructors, actor hierarchy)
  • Messaging Models
    • Sending messages
      • Fire and forget
      • Send and receive
    • Receiving messages
    • Replying to messages
    • Forwarding messages
  • Stop Actors
  • Kill Actors

Fault Tolerance - Actor Lifecycle & State

  • Let it crash         
  • Supervision & supervisor strategy
    • One for one
    • All for one
  • Lifecycle callbacks
  • Receiving Messages
  • Online/Offline state
  • Hotswap: Become / Unbecome (& stash)
  • Finite State Machine FSM
    • States
    • Behaviour


  • Blocking vs event driven API
  • Using futures & promises

Dispatchers & Routes

  • Dispatchers
    • Dispatcher as a pattern
    • Executor & Dispatchers
    • Types of dispatcher / Which to use when
      • Default dispatcher
      • Pinned dispatcher
      • CallingThread dispatcher
      • Balancing dispatcher
  • Routers
    • Types of Routers
    • Router usage
    • Router usage via application.conf
    • Router usage for distributed actors
    • Dynamically resizing routers
    • Custom Router


  • About the Akka Cluster & the CAP theorem
  • Defining a cluster
  • Cluster Member Status
  • Routing messages to the cluster
  • Addressing remote actors


  • Types of mailboxes
  • Durable mailboxes
  • Circuit breakers

Transactions (time permitting)


  • Writing unit test
  • Access the actor reference
  • Testing actor behaviour
  • Testing exception scenarios

JMX and REST interfaces

  • RESTful API
  • JMX

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